All Terrain Family Van, 1987 VW Syncro 4WD Vanagon

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1987 VW Syncro 4WD Vanagon

4WD for Sale, 1987 VW Syncro 4WD Vanagon

This all terrain family van that was made by Volkswagen was built in 1987 is one of the most popular on its era, as the picture here is VW Syncro Van 4WD a rare & coveted beast! being offered in Craigslist for $20000 located at Powell River, British Columbia, the van has 343000 miles on it. Described as a good condition overall has been engine upgrade and complete interior, that look potential as your off-road van candidate.

Year of construction 1987
Brand Volkswagen
Model Vanagon Syncro
Type 4x4 Van
Fuel Gas
Color Silver
Miles 343000
License Yes
Price $20000
For Sale By Owner
Contact SOLD
City Powell River, British Columbia

Detail by owner
(Note: Though located in Powell River, I'm regularly in Victoria, Vancouver, & Bellingham and will consider meeting up with serious potential buyers between here and there.) Regrettably selling my dream 2.1 L WBX Syncro w/16" wheels, rear locking differential, due to illness, and I'm buying an automatic vehicle so I don't have to work a clutch with my gimpy left leg anymore. Dang, and I was just getting started with the upgrades! This 2.1 is typical for a Syncro with almost 343,000 km (213,000 mi)--it's reliable, easily cruises down the highway at 120 kph (75 mph), and I was planning to do a conversion so we could more easily zip up those long mountain grades.

I'm asking $20,000 Canadian OBO ($15,685 US at current exchange rate). Here's a link to the CARPROOF report:

I've put around $5,500 worth of work into it since I bought it from West Coast Ford Lincoln (!), Maple Ridge, BC in Apr 2014, including:
--rear axle joints, both sides (Van Wonder, Vancouver, Mar 2016)
--front outer CV boots (Van Wonder, Mar 2016)
--inner boots, one replaced, the other packed (Van Wonder, Mar 2016)
--oil pressure switch & wiring (Van Wonder, Mar 2016)
--catalytic converter, pre-cat connector pipe, and manifold connector y-pipe (Van Wonder, Mar 2016)
--tailpipe, muffler (from Bus Depot, installed by Jenkins Automotive, Powell River, June 2016)
--clutch assembly & resurfaced flywheel (Jenkins Automotive, Powell R, Nov 2015)
--seam rust repair (Fix Auto, Powell R, Jul 2016)
--rocker panel gnarly protective black paint that I had done shortly after buying the van has now been extended to fender flares (Fix Auto, Powell R, Jul 2016)
--tow hitch new wiring (Vanderkemp Sales & Service, including U-Haul rep, Powell R, Jun 2016)
--triple-electrode NGK spark plugs & new spark plug wires (Aug 2015)
--weatherstripping rubber for all doors (Bus Depot, not yet installed)
--Bentley manual
--Hi-Lift jack--never used
--cable "chains"--never used
--new Bosch starter installed by West Coast Ford Lincoln when I bought the van in Apr 2014

I have all the receipts.

It also has one original 14" spare tire in the carrier underneath the front of the van, and one full-size spare (16" with new Pirelli tire) that could be mounted with a GoWesty or similar rear bumper tire carrier.

Stuff that needs attention:
--rear shock bushings are worn and should be replaced
--front sway bar bushings could use replacing
--the fuel pump mount's broken, but while it's held up securely by zap straps, would probably be a good idea to repair that
--rear wiper doesn't work
--end caps on the left side of both bumpers are missing, but I was going to put all new bumpers such as GoWesty's on there anyway (

This is a solid vehicle that's pulled me out of some tight spots in the Powell River backcountry, and she's been great for long road trips, mainly to Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, across northern Washington, and up into the snowy Okanagan and Kootenay mountains of BC. She's ready for your further TLC and eventual engine upgrade to enhance the beastliness!

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